Specialist plastic welding for orchard equipment

Plastic repairs is a cost effective and high quality alternative to replacing worn or damaged fruit bins, plastic pallets and water tanks.

We understand the financial pressures of running a farm or orchard so we know how important it is to save costs
where you can – but never compromise on quality. Our years of experience and close working relationship with our valued customers mean that we can provide you with an outstanding level of plastic repairs.


We have extensive and highly specialised experience providing plastic repairs for orchard equipment. Repairing or replacing plastic pallets, and fruit bins is a constant part of running an orchard.

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Our expertise in repairing these items is second to none.
  • High quality work
  • Fast turnaround
  • Repairs that leave your bins and pallets strong and in as-new condition
  • A fair price
  • Plastic pallets
  • Fruit abins
  • Other storage units
  • Water tanks
  • Tool cases
  • Repairs of poly pipes for individuals and companies
Enquire about this specialised service for a FREE quote and expert advice.

Tractor tanks

Have an older model tractor that it’s hard to get parts for? Don’t want to add the expense of replacing the tank or buying a new tractor or trying to find a tank?

We’re based in regional Victoria and know the pressures facing farmers. We developed this specialised area in response to demand and can see how much time, hassle and money these repairs can save.
  • Strong, lasting repair work for most brand, make or model
  • Save time and money
  • Free quote and advice about any job
Most things made from plastic – our plastic welding can fix!


  • Repairs and plastic welding of Polly pipes
  • Repair and supply of polyethylene polypropylene pipes and fittings
  • Free quote and expert advice so you get exactly what you need at the right budget

Road works

  • Repair of traffic borders for road works
  • Fast turnaround
  • High quality finish

Vinyl Repairs

We do a large range of vinly repais including
  • Sheet vinyl
  • Wall vinyl
  • Lino welding